The Bone Collector




iTongue the words          with my whole mouth


they won’t cum            neither will i

because i can’t say the necessary                 incantation

to banish demons

i did not summon


my mouth craves                                               music of meaning

iWear my teeth                as talisman

wrapped ’round my neck

over them a lei of lips

magic souvenirs of men

who said too much               and meant too little

sometimes i dangle from the ceiling

hung on a noose made of manspeak

this asphyxia sublime

unashamed  of my sacrilege

’cause ain’t we always workin roots

even when we ain’t


iTongue the love         with passion           not words

grammarian of grief

in honor of the dead:          daddy          gran           great

who only loved with:     food           shelter           blood

because love  need no language

love need no tongue

in honor of the dead:                  him                 hope                 him

who only loved with:   voidneedfear

              because love                                just be needin

            a bone collector


       iTongue kiss                         corpse collection


dead love

of daily rotting fruit


          what can be said with no tongue

language is only form                   without feeling

like shapes with no name

what is it really


                 iTongue a ready razor

just before i give up sacred secrets

or say my daddy name

do you understand                           what i am not saying


        in sign language

what does the closed mouth mean

i am stitch-mouth  horror movie man

tortured thing

but my moaning is rich


  to keep my graveyard growing

iWear words on my skin

in other tongues

for you to taste



full enough for two

because sometimes

you gotta eat your own words



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