Saint-Maker & The Red-Neck Men

I. we are posed our collective ass high saddles arched to heaven like monochrome rainbows where cowboys deign to ride we are constellation dark stars who only shine against the light night-walkers and gateways to other sides we are breathless before querent dick who examines this sainted congregation of the dead a grim and proper audience a showcase … Continue reading Saint-Maker & The Red-Neck Men

Rituals of a Son

in his suicide forest i collected seeds and grew a garden inside myself thick with wilted things he is a reaper unsated an unworthy god who harvests the white of my bone and scatters soul-ash and grief as feed for the coming he manicures the place in me where men lay down to die a … Continue reading Rituals of a Son

Scarification: Making a Mountain/Man

he raised the andes in my thigh an endless chain of high pitched malice strewn across the scorched earth of my memory there are rivers moving among structures of calamity those mountainous obstructions that go against the view they run to everywhere i am a swollen thing. large through the kindness of enmity still flowing a … Continue reading Scarification: Making a Mountain/Man