Amputations / Exit Wounds



amputations are motherwork

birthing and severing
surviving by loss
losing the feeding thing
that lessens

it is not written
that wounded ones
of same womb
must play
unto death
into eternity
tied by
the inescapability
of relation

even mothers
cut cords
to keep us from killing them
and save us from death



are sibling sentences
mandates to serve
in unnatural ways
despite unnatural things
given life in the night

why is love not the  natural thing

in the way removed arm
becomes invisible itch
i dream of sibling lost
excised for crime
against my imagination
of self



i was born under a blanket
made of the ancestor secrets
that grab us by the throat
and tell us to keep quiet
the violence of untold touch

i am embroidered
with worthless family jewels
in the shape of  hands
in private places
that should never feel fingers

in the aftermath
of brotherly love
i am fruit of the dragon
born to breathe fire

for brotherhood
i run together like language
in the absence of punctuation
a whole of confusion
and worthless words

i am mother without womb
severing umbilical opening
the doorway of demons
refusing to turn skin-tie
to hangman tool

i will not dangle for you
i do not die for love



in the night
i am suffocated
by dreams
of re-membering

piecing together again
the whole thing

we are not a whole thing

i make you motherwork
pushed from my flesh

i collapse my lungs
make myself flat

withhold the last breath
save it for myself

and hope you die


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