I sit inside your ribcage
Shackled to your spine
Feasting on remnants of heart

prisoner of abandoned body
This hollow home echoes
Faint sankofa whisper

I am in love with memories
Whose fermented sweetness
Render me occasionally unconscious

When the last scrap is gone
I will tear flesh from my body
To paper the inside walls of your carcass

I will build a body inside the space of my ideas
Raise the dead and bring back to life
A man stillborn after aging

I am Jesus resurrecting once-was
Inside a cell of decay
Oxidizing bleeding meat
with the breath of my body

I use my hands to collapse and stretch the lung sac
Walk my feet across the arc of stomach
To stretch toes deep down to sleeping pearl

there compress and blow
to prime a dry river
and drink your dust

I am martyr dying to sing midnight songs of faith
Inside this concealment, this captivity of longing
This desolate corpse of love

Mouth full of fragments
I starve, immobile
A caged jewel in the middle of nothing

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