Necromancy (Or Raising the Dead)

Alvin Ailey.

every thing that happened to me
was some kind of magic

when they laid me in the grave
minutes past being born

walked away from me like moses
and sent me down the river life to die

touched my body in ways ain’t supposed to be
and beat me with their own regret

raised welts on the inside
and marked my face an ugly kind of somethin

sissy’d me before I opened my mouth
and stole the jewels out my chest

at every turn tried to tell me
shadows don’t come from light

gave me the option to die
and handed me my own scythe

when I was chaff but the wheat rose high
and all my lovers were gone

when I spread myself out corner to corner
and made myself an empty communion table

when I damned the blood river to stop its flow
and drowned my own kin leaving just me


there was magic in the moments
and i am just now realizing
the impossible thing that i am

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