the very first time i kissed you
we were breathing water

we came together in the gut
your mother’s underground
platos cave of another kind

we lit candles inside her
to see one another’s face
and warm her through
the making of love

drowned in the lake of her commitment
we drank its broth from the cups of our hands
it was fate she felt, not labor
taking shape, forming something impossible
twin souls not striving
mapped out in the ether
before there ever was one

we planted gardens in there
and each day tended the lilies
or sat and dreamed of its opening
wondering what this thing would look like
in the sun

we marked the days and nights
by her slumber
counting down and out
in language our tongues had not tasted

and when the time came
we said our tearful goodbyes
and waited the decades
to see one another again
this time to say it all

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