i have always wanted
to walk on air
wear heels, high up
lifted above life
no dirt on the bottom
feet renewed through fasting
and giving up the ground

I found
something sublime in the lift
something pure in the abstinence
and always believed
dirt is a complicated thing

on heels i might avoid treading
where others have
might tighten my calves
and finally make muscle
might catch the eye
of a man made of metal
be whole and man
in one body

i might make sense of sissy
justify myself
and prove the ridicule righteous

it wouldn’t hurt so bad
to one day walk in heels
stilleto like weapon
knife-footed man
black and badass
with painted toes to boot

i might walk to the corner store
cat-called in broad daylight
feel tightness in my ass
strength in my back
perch myself on magic
sassy as anybody can be
on a pair of shameless shoes

my mama wore heels
and white diamonds
she smelled like an eternal promise
and i knew what made her fire
was six inches of space
between her and the world

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